An Extensive List of Classes for You & Your Newborn

An Extensive List of Classes for You & Your Newborn

Baby Classes

Baby Massage Magic

Ever wondered about the enchanting world of baby massage classes? These sessions aren't just about rubbing tiny backs. They're a journey into bonding and relaxation between parents and their newborns.


Splash into Infant Swim Adventure

Dive into the world of infant swim classes! Designed for the tiniest of tots, these sessions dip into the waters of safe and controlled environments. The aim? Make a splash in your baby's aquatic adventures to foster early water familiarity.


Newborn Groove: Music Classes

Picture your newborn tapping their tiny toes to gentle songs and rhymes. Newborn music classes bring melody to the early days, stimulating those precious auditory senses and setting the stage for a lifelong love of music.


Tummy Time Triumph

Unlock the secret to building neck and upper body strength in your infant! Tummy time classes aren't just about play – they're about understanding and engaging in exercises that pave the way for a robust and resilient little one.


Sign Language Serenade for Babies

Ever thought about communicating with your baby before they utters their first words? Enter baby sign language classes. These sessions aren't just for parents; they're for anyone ready to learn simple signs that bridge the gap between baby babbling and meaningful interaction.


Sensory Play Spectacle

Prepare for a sensory extravaganza! Sensory play classes focus on activities that captivate your baby's senses – think textures, colors, and sounds galore. It's not just play; it's a cognitive adventure for your little one.

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Activities for Infants

Story Time Sessions

Reading to your little one is not just about words; it's an adventure into language and cognitive growth. Embrace the magic of storytime sessions explicitly crafted for newborns.


Gymboree Play and Learn

Class at Gymboree goes beyond playdates. They're a space for babies to explore. The classes provide a planned area for little ones to play, interact with other infants, and take the first steps of socializing.


Baby Yoga Classes

Picture this! Gentle stretches, adorable movements, and a sprinkle of baby charm. That's what baby yoga classes are all about. Tailored for infants, these classes promote flexibility and body awareness most delightfully.


Sensory Bottles Workshop

Imagine creating little bottles of wonder that captivate your newborn's attention and spark their senses. Join a sensory bottles workshop designed for parents to craft sensory-rich experiences that stimulate and delight their baby.


Outdoor Stroller Walks

Joining organized group walks designed for parents and babies offers a perfect opportunity for some fresh air, light exercise, and socialization. These outings benefit you and your little one physically and provide a chance to connect with other parents.


Classes for Parents

Parenting Workshops

Delving into various topics, parenting workshops are a treasure trove of information and support, tackling areas such as sleep training, feeding, and developmental milestones.


Postnatal Fitness Classes

These fitness classes are made for mothers going through postpartum. They focus on exercises that work with the physical changes -after childbirth.


Breastfeeding Support Groups

Guided by lactation consultants or seasoned parents, these groups extend a helping hand and sage advice to mothers embarking on the breastfeeding adventure.


Child CPR and First Aid Classes

Imperative for every parent, these classes equip you with crucial skills and knowledge to confidently handle emergencies and ensure your little ones stay secure.


Parent and Baby Yoga

Melding yoga for parents with gentle movements for babies, these classes are a delightful blend promoting bonding and physical well-being for both parent and child.
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