Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton has many benefits, at nueborn we decided to make our clothing from 100% organic cotton which ensures soft, comfortable clothing for our newborns and durability for us parents so we can get the most out of each product. The benefits don't stop there because whilst protecting our newborn, we are also protecting our planet.

Soft & Comfortable

Organic Cotton has long fibres that are not damaged during the production process making the fabric much softer and more comfortable to wear. The fibres also allow air to pass through, ensuring a cool feeling when temperatures rise yet still thicker ensuring warmth in the colder months.


Clothing made with Organic Cotton are not subject to the same harsh chemicals that regular cotton is. Without these harsh chemicals the clothing is much more durable with regular wear and tear, wash and dry cycles and ironing. Therefore whilst organic cotton can be more expensive, it often lasts much longer.


Did you know that Organic Cotton can biodegrade faster than regular cotton? Due to the absence of harsh chemicals in organic cotton that is present in regular cotton, recycling is quicker & friendlier to the environment. Add this benefit to the more sustainable farming practices and your organic cotton choice is suddenly doing wonders for our planet.

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All nueborn double zip sleepsuits are made out of 100% Organic Cotton, warm in the winter, breathable in the summer, perfect for every occasion and the best material for a newborn's sensitive skin.

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