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Newborn Baby Boy: What to Expect in the First Few Months!

What should you expect from your newborn baby boy? For starters, they will be more physically active and more restless during nappy changes! While they won't be crawling or exploring the bathroom just yet, you'll notice their increasing physical activity and restlessness, especially during nappy changes. 

As they grow, they'll eventually start crawling and exploring, but for now, enjoy their adorable early antics, like making fart bubbles in the bathtub, which might just become one of their favorite jokes in the future

Research shows that baby boys have unique personalities right from the start, although some traits may still be seen in baby girls. If you're interested in knowing what the initial months with a newborn baby boy will be like, this blog is perfect for you!


Although it’s not medically obligatory, many people decide to get their baby boys circumcised. It is ideal to get this done within the first few months since healing is faster, and your baby boy will not fuss as much as an older boy.

After the procedure, it is important to regularly clean and cover the head of the penis. Moreover, you’ll need to periodically pull the foreskin back to prevent it from partly reattaching, which might require a second surgery.

Nappy Changes

Parents of baby girls often complain about how difficult it is to change their nappies because of all the folds and having to wipe front to back. However, changing the nappy of a newborn baby boy is a whole different story!

In addition to the unexpected pee attacks we’ve talked about, the crevices in a baby boy’s walnut-like testicles make it extremely difficult to remove the sticky poop. So, stock up on washcloths and baby wipes!

Pee Sprays

Yes, baby boys do commonly spray pee everywhere without warning the moment you open their nappy. This projectile will not only target the person changing the baby but will also dampen other objects around him.

Thankfully, there are a few hacks to avoid getting pee-pee sprayed by your newborn baby boy. For instance, make sure the room is comfortably warm before you open your baby’s nappy. Once it’s off, immediately place a wipe or a washcloth on their private parts to soak any pee that might be coming. After that, it’s all about being quick.

Toy Preferences

Parents and studies on babies both agree that newborns cannot differentiate between ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ toys. That’s why baby boys will play with dolls and baby girls will play with cars. However, by the time they’re about a year old, you might begin to observe a change in their preferences. Although this isn’t a hard and fast rule, baby boys generally tend to become more interested in wheeled toys and mechanical toys.

Some baby boys seem to love guns, knives, archery, and anything that can be used as a weapon of violence – and this has nothing to do with the atmosphere of your home or what kind of things he is watching on the telly. Even if you don’t endorse such toys, boys will turn a branch into a gun and start poking you with it! Don't worry, this is just a ‘boy’ thing, and as long as it stays under control, it will pass.

Activity Level

Research confirms that newborn baby boys are more physically active. This is because of prenatal testosterone. Again, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but boys are more interested in roughhousing and jumping as compared to little girls. They tend to squirm more during nappy and clothes changing, become very restless in the pram, and crawl longer distances.

Also, baby boys are much more mischievous than baby girls and will not hesitate to climb on tables and crawl inside closets. They seem to have an inclination towards danger and exploring everything they are not supposed to go near. Get ready to install some baby gates, outlet covers, and corner bumpers!

Speaking Skills

Girls usually develop language skills much sooner and quicker as compared to boys. They often have large preschool vocabularies and construct more complex sentences than boys. Although you might feel worried and stressed if your baby boy hasn’t begun to mumble or say a few words yet, this is a normal developmental difference and does not signal a cognitive problem. Moreover, boys catch up very quickly in their primary years.

Clothing Options

During the hunt for the newborn baby boy's clothes, you're likely to be frustrated with the lack of variety of things you may have to choose from. This is because the fashion trends for boys' clothes have not changed much over the last twenty years, as compared to those for girls. The available options are cargo pants, t-shirts, plaid shirts, tracksuits complete with the logo of your favorite superhero, baseball, or dinosaur.

Fortunately, the belief that blue is for boys and pink is for girls is quickly evolving. There is a huge variety of colours available in baby boy clothes, including pastels, pink, and prints that once were restricted to girls.

Mom’s Approval

While baby girls are instinctively more attached and reliant on their mothers, little boys also wish to please their moms, and that too from a very early age. Some parents say that a son looks for motherly reassurance all their lives. So, you might find your newborn baby boy frequently looking at you or mumbling something as if asking whether you’re proud of him. Always acknowledge their little efforts since this will help develop a strong and long-lasting mother-son bond.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a parent to little girls, you might not be too familiar with the different challenges and struggles associated with raising a newborn baby boy. The testosterone, the tantrums, the heightened mischief – it can all be difficult to manage. Just remember to be patient, kind, and loving, and enforce strict discipline where necessary. At the end of the day, they’re just babies discovering the world, and you’ll find yourself discovering it with them all over again.
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