6 Steps To Create The Newborn Clothes Dream Wardrobe

6 Steps To Create The Newborn Clothes Dream Wardrobe

Before you start filling the wardrobe with funky and iconic overalls that the baby would wear only once, it is essential to plan your way through so you won’t have to run around frantically to find the perfect baby clothes!

The best thing that you can do is to plan the wardrobe in a way that contains everything that you need for everyday life. Having bibs and diapers is something that everyone plans. But if you want your baby to stand out and be the centre of attention, here are 6 steps that you can follow to make your wardrobe a newborn clothes extravaganza!

Setting a Budget

One of the most critical tasks in new parents' financial preparation is to create a budget for baby-related costs. Creating a detailed budget allows you to plan spending and save for the last minute purchases that you would do on a shopping spree!

Once you create a budget, you can plan out how much you will spend on what type of newborn clothes your baby will wear. If your daily life involves going out a lot, you can set aside a bigger chunk for that. On the other hand, if you are only staying at home, your baby would need newborn clothes that are ready for the lounge. 

So, start with examining your life routine, considering your income, and style goals, to establish a fair budget for all types of baby clothing. If you are a geek for trendy newborn clothes, you can set aside an amount every month so your baby is always in fashion!

However, ensure this amount fits your budget and leaves space for other necessities.

Prioritise the Newborn Essentials

When it comes to dressing your newborn, simplicity is critical. While those fancy dresses and tiny suspenders might tug at your heartstrings, practicality wins the day. Your little ones will sleep most of the time, so focus on comfy essentials. 

Think about sleepwear, cosy onesies, bodysuits, and soft bedding. Opt for multi-pack Sleep 'N Plays—easy-on, easy-off outfits that keep your baby snug without breaking the bank. 

However, invest in a 6-pack of mitten cuff baby onesies bodysuits for everyday wear. These cotton wonders are breathable and feature handy snap closures.

And also, remember a fitted crib sheet for those sweet dreams!

Gender-Neutral Newborn Clothes

Consider colours other than pink or blue when choosing your newborn clothes! Adopting gender-neutral clothes will add a base layer to everything and give your baby's wardrobe more adaptability. Any baby looks good in neutral hues like olive, beige, and grey and classic designs like polka dots and stripes. 

Selecting gender-neutral newborn clothes is a wise move and a fashion statement. Furthermore, it is practical since you will not have to purchase a whole new wardrobe if you want a different style. You can always style them up or down according to the situation. 

You can add a little sparkly hoodie on top to glam it up, or just your baby can just wear the plain jumpsuit to keep it casual. 

Selecting One Size Bigger

When dressing your little ones, thinking one size more significant is an intelligent move. Babies grow faster than you can say "peekaboo," so opting for larger-sized clothes ensures they stay comfy and cosy for longer. 

Plus, bigger outfits give them room to wiggle and play without feeling squished. Layering is essential, too! You can mix and match different pieces to create adorable outfits while maximising the lifespan of each garment. 

So, next time you're shopping, consider going up a size for your tiny minion—it's a simple trick that keeps both baby and you happy!

Select Newborn Clothes For Special Days

Here comes the step you have been waiting for- buying the iconic newborn clothes outfits that you see in a shop while you’re windowshopping. 

You can select the best frocks for your little one that has all the “Badazzle” that the baby would need. Or you can get a leather jacket that makes a statement even for a sleeping baby. The best part is since you would have already planned for the basic clothes, you can spend freely on the special outfits and buy all the things that your heart desires. 

Here’s a tip- you can go though the product calatogue of neuborn and see how each look would compliment you and your baby’s style. 

Glam And Accessorise!

Now that you have gathered everything, you can choose the accessories to go with your newborn clothes. This would add a cherry on top to the wardrobe. Matching shoes, go-to bibs, different security blankets, and matching socks will complete the wardrobe. 

Make sure that you add matching bibs so that you won’t have to choose any average one that might take away from the look of the newborn clothes that you have chosen. 

A wise choice would be first to have all the neutrals that can go with the neutrals that you have selected for the base layers. Not only can they be found very easily, but they can be paired up with a lot of outfits. The same goes for socks and accessories. Start by choosing the essentials and then add the ones that can pop!

Now that you have selected everything that your baby would need to have the perfect newborn clothes wardrobe, there is only one thing that is left. You just have to follow the steps and start creating your baby’s dream wardrobe!
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