Newborn Essentials

Planning To Have a Baby? Here’s Our Checklist of Must-Have Newborn Essentials

Having a baby is one of life’s finest gifts, but you’re bound to have mixed emotions as your due date nears, especially if it’s your first one! There's exhilaration, tension, and gratitude, and among all that, there is the pressure of making good enough arrangements to welcome your little one. And as any experienced parent will tell you, the number of newborn essentials required to facilitate your young one will amaze you!

That’s why we’ve made a listing guide of what you must have for a new child. Our list comprises nursery items, feeding necessities, nappies, bathtime necessities, and other helpful gadgets that’ll ensure your newborn feels safe and entertained as you find time for personal and household chores.

Newborn Essentials Checklist

Still, deciding on what you’ll need during those crucial first three months with your baby? Here’s our newborn baby checklist to help you decide:


Before stocking newborn baby basics like you might impulsively do, it's more than necessary to have an organised and well-equipped nursery. Very soon, this will become the most important room in the house!


A fun fact is that newborns sleep up to 16 hours daily. They'll need a safe and comfortable crib to get their sleep in. You can find crib models that convert into toddler beds, different daybeds, and even full-sized beds. Make sure to check for the latest safety standards and a firm mattress that fits perfectly. There's no need for bedding, just a waterproof mattress cover and a bunch of fitted sheets. Less clutter means fewer chances of suffocation.


This is where all your baby's clothes and accessories will go. You can also use tubs and baskets to sort clothes or an adequately sized wardrobe that also provides hanging space.


Newborns tend to fuss, and carrying them around isn’t always an option. A bouncer or rocker with light music and a colorful mobile with different shapes or characters is a must-have newborn essential to keep your baby distracted. And remember to keep an armchair for yourself, too!


A night light will be your guiding light towards and inside the nursery in the middle of the night. Plus, it also provides comfort to your newborn.


Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, here’s a list of newborn essentials that could make feeding time pass easily.

Receiving Blankets

These lean blankets protect your clothes from milk spillage, spit, and vomit. However, they can also be used as opposed to nursing covers to protect you and your newborn whilst breastfeeding. Plus, they work great for wrapping your baby when it's bedtime.


These are definitely essential items that protect your baby’s clothes from milk and drool.

Nursing Pillow

These firm U-shaped cushions support you and your little one during feeding sessions.

Milk Bottles

There is much to consider when choosing a bottle – glass or plastic – such as the dimensions, nipple shape, anti-colic valves, and BPA-free, and the list goes on as there are many more. You might also need to try a few options before finding one your baby likes.

Bottle Brush, Steriliser, and Drying Rack

These are simple items to maintain the hygiene and longevity of your bottles and nipples. You can also opt for sterilisation tablets instead of a steriliser if you want.

Breast Pump and Storage Bags

These are among our newborn essentials for when you might be away from your baby for long periods. You can choose from manual or electric/battery-operated pumps and compactly store breast milk in storage bags without using bottles. You can also freeze the bags.

Bottle warmer

Heating stored breast milk or formula can be tricky. With the help of bottle warmers, you can make sure that the milk is heated evenly and efficiently.

Nappy Essentials

Changing nappies isn’t the most appealing part of parenting, but it is an important routine when caring for a baby. Here are the nappy newborn essentials you should have to make things easier.


You'll only know the nappy size you'll need once your newborn arrives, so stock small packs of different sizes. Once you're sure, stock up—you'll need them!

Wipes and Washcloths

These are very useful and gentle for wiping your baby’s bottom, hands, and face.

Changing Table

Changing tables provides a safe space to change your baby. They usually have drawers or shelves where you can stock nappying essentials and clothing and easily access them without leaving your newborn unattended. Some also come with straps to secure your baby and prevent accidental falls.

Nappy Rash Cream

Since newborns have very sensitive skin, ask your healthcare provider to suggest a cream or ointment for nappy rash.


Although newborns require one or two baths weekly, having the proper newborn essentials ensures success and safety.  

Bathing Seat

Once the sponge baths are over, a bathing seat is the safest accessory for bathing your newborn. They come with a belt and built-in headrest, and the reclining position is adjustable.


This consists of baby-friendly shampoo, soap, a cup to gently pour water, towels, and washcloths for easy drying and wiping, and a gentle child moisturiser to prevent skin dryness.


Here are our picks for newborn essential clothing items for your newborn.

Pajamas or sleeping sacks

Since newborns spend most of their time asleep, sleepwear is something to stock on. It’s better to choose pyjamas that cover the feet. You can also opt for sleeping sacks to ensure your baby is fully covered.

One of the best types of sleepsuits for newborns is a 2-way zip sleepsuit. Fiddling with complex buttons can cause your comfortably sleeping baby to feel grumpy and uncomfortable. That’s why 2-way zip sleepsuits are designed for easy dressing and undressing while your baby stays warm and undisturbed.  Moreover, these zippy sleep suits make it significantly easier to clear nappy accidents, making them newborn essentials.


Rompers are like body suits for babies. Most styles have snaps between the legs for easy nappy changes. They come in long and short sleeves with either legs exposed or fully covered to the feet. 

T-shirts and Stretchy Pants

During the day, dress up your newborn in comfy pants and T-shirts. Pair them with a cap to avoid the sun and a bib to protect the clothes.

Winter Essentials

Some essential newborn clothing items to stock for the winter season include sweater/jackets, socks, mittens, leggings, thermal vests, woollen caps and bunting bags or snowsuits.

The primary essential care of a newborn can be really tiring and it gets more overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. However, with the right tools and the right set of newborn essentials, caring for a newborn can be enjoyable and stress-free. Remember to take things one step at a time at your comfortable pace, and you'll do perfectly!
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